Admit it, you’re like me, you’ve broken a rule or two in your life.  Probably not big ones. Maybe you went five miles per hour over the speed limit.  Perhaps you sneaked a few cookies against that New Year’s diet.  Or you dropped a work file in your personal cloud storage. Hmmm, not really what you were thinking, was it?

If you’re in IT, you know what I’m talking about – and while this little fudging of the rule seems innocent, it can have disastrous consequences. Having sensitive information leak out to a competitor, personally identifiable information about your customers falling into the wrong hands, or failing to comply with government regulations… These are just some of the things that keep you up at night, knowing that people within your organization might be using a consumer cloud storage product to share their most sensitive files.

We live in a world where having access to files available anywhere – at work, at home, even in the ubiquitous coffee shop is the norm.  Your users are pushing the issue, as they require access to those same files on their computer, phone, and tablets. What you need is a way to meet their needs, while controlling who has access to files and keeping track of where they are stored.

Citrix ShareFile is secure data sync and sharing service that allows IT to mobilize all enterprise data and empower user productivity anywhere.

Of course, you also want to decide where your data is stored as well. Citrix and Microsoft recognize how critical this is to organizations and have delivered a solution that can give you the flexibility and control you need to manage your vital information.  You now have the flexibility of on-premises storage (including Microsoft SharePoint), Citrix-managed storage, and customer- or Citrix-managed Azure-based storage.

When organizations use ShareFile with StorageZones, IT has the flexibility to choose between customer-managed, on-premises StorageZones leveraging their private cloud, or Citrix-managed secure cloud storage options in multiple worldwide locations.

For 23 years, Citrix and Microsoft have been working together to solve customers’ desktop and application virtualization challenges.  ShareFile has been able to connect to Windows Server file shares and SharePoint servers.  Now we have partnered to deliver ShareFile StorageZones on Microsoft Windows Azure and provide customers with even more choices. Windows Azure offers the flexibility, security, and scalability you need.  The new StorageZones Connector to Windows Azure allows customers to also store and manage data in Microsoft-hosted datacenters in addition to your on-premises storage.

No need to break any more rules!

Visit our ShareFile blog for details on the StorageZone Controller for Windows Azure.

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