Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a hot topic right now in the media and on the agenda of managed service provider CEOs who want to greatly expand their business.  The fastest way to get started in DaaS is to partner with a well-established, validated service provider partner who already has the multi-tenant hosted desktop and hosted application technologies, technical infrastructure and business approach that you need to start selling DaaS.

Microsoft SPLA partners only doing RDS business today need to start looking at desktop as a service to meet end user demands for anytime, anywhere access to information. Staying competitive in the current desktop space requires a solid look at the DaaS market opportunity.

Citrix Service Provider Program partners already providing DaaS businesses have the quickest route to market for Microsoft SPLA partners who want to start selling cloud hosting.  Managed service provider partners who want to quickly get into the DaaS business should look to a strong, validated white-label hosting partner for technical and business experience in this fast-moving DaaS market.

Choosing the Right DaaS Partner

There is a lot of hype in the market – how do you choose a DaaS partner? One way to differentiate is the track record and scrutiny given to the partner’s business and technology. The Citrix Service Provider Partner Program has two levels of validation for service provider partners – standard and diamond level.

Over the past several years, the Citrix Service Provider program has grown to over 2,600 partners. Many have sought validation of their business. To achieve Citrix Service ProviderPartner Program standard validation, partners

–          Use the latest Citrix technology releases

–          Implement in alignment with the Citrix Service Provider Reference architecture

–          Have at least 2 Citrix Certified Administrators

–          Outline their business structure, including marketing and sales plans, reseller training content, technical support tools and processes and back office operations

–          Complete a live audit of their business with Citrix business and technology professionals.

Only a select few Citrix service provider partners have completed the highest level of rigorous activity to become diamond validated Citrix Service Provider Program partners.  To achieve diamond validated Citrix Service Provider status, partners must have completed standard validation, plus

–          Have at least one Citrix-certified architect on staff

–          Use XenDesktop Premium for an optimal hosted desktop and hosted application experience

–          Streamline self-service provisioning with Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager – simplifying the provisioning of Citrix products, but also other business applications like Microsoft Exchange, Office, SharePoint, Lync and web hosting.

–          Employ Citrix NetScaler for maximizing application delivery networking

–          Use Citrix provisioning services and app orchestration technologies for quickly scaling the environment

Find A DaaS White Label Hosting Partner

Interested in a real opportunity to get started selling DaaS? Talk with the current Citrix Service Provider Program white-label hosting partners who have achieved diamond validation status or talk with some of the other 2,600 Citrix Service Provider partners about their successful Citrix hosted desktop business.

Start Selling DaaS

Do you have the infrastructure and business plan, just need a more solid technology approach? Become a white-label service provider using Citrix multi-tenant hosted desktop technologies. Be reassured the Citrix Service Provider Program provides the technical and business resources service providers need to build a high-value DaaS business. Citrix makes service providers successful at building their own highly differentiated, customized DaaS solutions with access to monthly pay-as-you-go licensing, a validated reference architecture, and prescriptive business and marketing resources.