I’m thrilled to have been assisting the folk over at Bull SAS who have been working on a fascinating project called XLcloud.

XLcloud is a french collaboration project between a number of organisations aiming to create a reference architecture for a High Performance Cloud Computing system based on OpenStack. Of particular interest to Citrix is the requirement to use XenServer as the hypervisor due to its stable support for GPU passthrough.

I’m very pleased that the ability to add a GPU to your instance under OpenStack is now up for review, and some detailed instructions on how to test this out in your environment is on Guillaume’s blog post at http://blog.xlcloud.me/post/2014/02/03/A-GPU-in-your-instance-with-Xen-hypervisor. The code is expected to be available for public release in the Icehouse version of OpenStack.

I’ve been very excited to see the progress Guillaume and his team have been making, and am hugely looking forward to the next steps – particularly the publication of benchmarks showing the performance that is achievable – more updates on XLCloud’s blog site when they are available!