Citrix spent a great deal of time and effort to think through the solution for mass delivery of DaaS with our Service Provider partners.  It was this partnership that birthed our cloud desktop technology and produced success for both of us over the past four years in the Citrix Service Provider program. As a result we built our multi-tenant reference architecture from the ground up, to provide many layers of security and implementation choices.

Because we understand hosted desktops are not just about technology but focus on services, Citrix spent time and effort developing a platform for front end provisioning, adds, moves and changes.  Our CloudPortal Services Manager provides this integration and now we are the market leader in DaaS provisioning utilizing these tools.

Our core competencies are in the complexities of application virtualization, control and security through implementations in the largest Enterprises in the world.  We used this knowledge and expertise to evolve our technology in the Service Provider space for millions of subscribers to be managed through a catalog of applications. This technology, called Application Orchestration, is embedded in our Cloud Provider Pack.

Our conversations with the top Hosted Service Providers around the world validate that BYOD is emerging as a top IT initiative — it is also becoming a watch word for service providers.  As part of the Citrix Service Provider program, MDM is offered as an integrated part of the overall services definition. 

As the Citrix Service Provider program grew, Citrix saw the need for an easy way to migrate end subscribers onto cloud based service environments.  Staying ahead of market demands, Citrix created Local App Access as a part of our core software technology to enable the process of moving from a single device at a single location to multiple apps in the cloud.

All of these things add up to why Citrix has been so successful in helping Service Providers move to the next level in hosted services.  The answer is simple.  We listen, we develop and we execute.