Next week, two independent Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) are joining forces to deliver a webinar on “GPU in virtualization, learn why it’s important” covering:

  • Evolution of Virtualized Graphics (Citrix vs VMware)
  • Business drivers for virtualizing applications that requires GPU
  • User Experience – VDI with a GPU vs Shared Desktop with a GPU
  • NVIDIA GRID vGPU, Buzz, How to use it, Sizing, Limitations – Q&A

GPU acceleration couple with GPU virtualisation and technologies such as shared GPUs for XenApp, GPU pass-through and virtualised hardware GPU sharing (Citrix vGPU) have been attracting a lot of interest from CAD and PLM focussed industries such as Aerospace and Automotive.

The CTPs arranging this particular webinar are Thomas Poppelgaard and Trond Eirik Haavarstein (aka Eric). CTPs are often independent and/or vendor neutral and both Thomas and Eric also work with Citrix products in conjunction with VMware and Microsoft products and solutions. Moreover they work “in the field”, with real customers, hands-on, implementing entire virtualisation architectures and deployments. They have practical hands-on field experience of complex customer deployments and using a large number of Citrix and competitive products together (e.g. Netscaler, XenApp, XenDesktop, vSphere, View); plus a lot of experience overcoming practical obstacles, challenges and troubleshooting real issues.

Thomas is well-known to us in Citrix and our partners as responsible for some extremely large tier1 manufacturing deployments of applications such as CATIA and Enovia. As such, I think this webinar might be of particular interest to anyone looking to virtualise or deliver applications like CATIA, TeamCenter, Siemens NX remotely; as Thomas has a wealth of experience of the stringent quality, compliance and security standards demanded in big engineering industries. Plus there is a Q&A session!

Sign-up: You can sign-up for the webinar on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT) online at this page.

NB: This is an independent webinar and as such Citrix has no control over the content and as such this is a personal rather than corporate recommendation for attendance. I’ve learned a lot following Thomas on his blog, twitter and social media outlets on best-practice advice on topics such as optimising remote delivery of software such as Autodesk, or the user of Dell thin clients;