Good Saturday to everyone!

I hope each of you started off the weekend well: virtualization working running so you don’t have to!

Based on an non-XenServer issue encountered with a Client (you know who you are!) I wanted to remind all of us that there now Java Security Exceptions to manage.  This comes into play from version/update 7u51 (and beyond, for now).  This is actually a good thing as it essentially acts as a blacklist or whitelist – like a router or user authentication list – except for resources that want use Java on your system.  I tip my hat to you, Oracle!

What’s the big deal?  What does this have to do with XenServer?

Well… if you have to use iDRAC, iLO or another KVM which relies on Java/JNLP-based technologies to support a Virtual Console, you may find that the Virtual Console window opens, but… um… nothing happens.  In short: the source of the Java code isn’t trusted as it is not a member of the Java Security Exception List.

All of this said: welcome the extra security and read the following blog from Oracle that documents the steps to add trusted hosts to your local Java Security Exception list:

It is a great article that is very detailed, so in a few steps you will be good to go and Virtual Console-ing in no time!

And this is from my Virtual Desktop to you.