Thanks Dell.  Now I REALLY need to make sure I don’t have any holes in my pockets.

On January 29,  Dell launched their new Cloud Connect thin client, a full-function endpoint device that’s about the same size and weight as two Kit-Kat sticks (although definitely not as tasty).  We’re talking small—like, TINY.  Yet the Cloud Connect packs a big punch.  The device contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling Cloud Connect to easily connect to the internet and be used with any compatible Bluetooth device.  In addition, Cloud Connect includes Citrix Receiver, so a person can get a full Windows experience by launching Receiver and connecting to Citrix XenDesktop.

The Dell Cloud Connect easily fits in the palm of your hand or any available pocket.

This new class of device raises the bar for full-function mobility.  Just find a compatible HDMI- or MHL-enabled display, plug it in the monitor port, and voilà!  You’re up and running, with full enterprise-level security.  There are multiple use cases for this device, but this could be especially big in the always-cost-conscious education market. 

Citrix has been working with Dell on Cloud Connect for many months, ensuring its compatibility with Receiver and XenDesktop.  We’re excited to see the device be officially available for sale and congratulate Dell on this cool new device category.  Just make sure your pockets are secure as well.