Blog Entry Authored by: Steve Blacklock (@BlacklockSteve)  Sr. Director, Global Strategic Alliances, Citrix

When you have a strategic alliance like the one we have between Cisco and Citrix, you get to see some great parts of the world, and develop some pretty cool technology innovations.  We’ve been talking  about how our visions for the future of IT and Cloud are aligned – and we’ve just proved it again.  This week at CiscoLive! in Milan, Italy, Citrix was featured as a key partner supporting two of Cisco’s big announcements – the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module and Cisco InterCloud.

Firstly, Cisco announced the next phase of their automation strategy – consolidating all of their automation stacks under the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).   ACI is a holistic datacenter and network architecture with centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles.  Citrix; proud to be a part of the launch of ACI in November, was pleased to be here again with Cisco announcing the extension of the APIC to the enterprise networking space.  Klaus Oestermann, VP/GM of our Cloud Networking Group, joined Rob Lloyd and Chris Dedicoat on the press panel to showcase Citrix’s work with ACI and share our mutual vision.   Klaus talked about how we are big believers in the power that automation will bring to enterprise IT. It’s a core area of investment for us as we drive our entire product line to be fully instrumented and ready for integration with technologies like Cisco’s APIC.   For more  on our vision and integrations with ACI see Sunil Potti’s blog from earlier this week.

At CiscoLive, we were able to demonstrate a real-life scenario of how ACI, enabled by deep Citrix and Cisco integrations, provides unprecedented visibility and control when delivering desktop and mobile services. We illustrated the value of the APIC Enterprise module collecting end-user experience metrics from Citrix XenDesktop and NetScaler, to enable the network to automatically modify policy and network parameters to improve user experience.

Cisco also announced an extension of its cloud portfolio with new products and services – including a hybrid cloud solution, dubbed “Cisco InterCloud” – which paves the way for interoperable and highly secure public, private and hybrid clouds.   Citrix provided support for Cisco InterCloud as one of the key orchestration partners in Cisco’s ecosystem.   Citrix and CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, were represented by Krishna Subramanian, VP Product Marketing, Cloud Platform Group, in the press panel on Wednesday featuring Jeff Spagnola and Neil Lock of BT.  For more information, check out Krishna’s blog here.

It was also great to see our customer BT, sharing in this vision alignment.  BTCloud runs on Citrix CloudPlatform and BT is leveraging the integrations between Citrix, Cisco and NetApp to offer enterprises the ability to extend their on-premise applications  to public clouds.  BT worked with Cisco, Citrix and NetApp to develop and launch its Cloud Compute services across 17 countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.   As announced this week, BT will continue to work with our partnership and Cisco Intercloud.

In turn, Cisco supported the Citrix announcement  of the latest release of Citrix XenDesktop, with a blog from Tony Paikeday, Cisco Desktop Virtualization,  highlighting true elasticity for virtual workspace scale while further reinforcing the relationship.

All in all, it’s been another great week for the Alliance between Cisco and Citrix.  It’s  reassuring to see that our joint visions continue to be aligned, validating and reinforcing our ability  to deliver on this vision to the benefit of our mutual  customers.  I wonder what we’ll see next?

Arrivederci Milano!