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I would like to devote my first technical post to an important enhancement that has been recently added to the Citrix Session Printers and Proximity Printing functionality. In short, Citrix Session Printers are network printers assigned by an Administrator via the Session Printers policy rule which is also the basis for the Proximity Printing feature that allows for the creation of a pre-defined printer workspace based on where the user connection originates from.

The Citrix Session Printers policy rule and Proximity Printing feature were introduced with the Citrix Presentation Server (CPS) 4.0 platform back in 2005. Since then they have been widely adopted and used by many of our Customers. Some of them combined the printing functionality with the Citrix Smooth Roaming/Workspace Control feature to cater for mobile workers, for instance, in hospital environments where medical staff frequently move among workstations located in different rooms or parts of the hospital building.

Prior to the release of this new enhancement that contains the code change needed to enable the deletion of Session Printers during session reconnection and a registry fix to control the behaviour, Session Printers created for a user logged on from their first device were carried over/added to the user’s session that subsequently got transferred via the Citrix Smooth Roaming/Workspace Control mechanism when the user connected from another device. This is the default behaviour. The idea behind that is to preserve the printer state for the user in case they roam back to the first client device and wish to use the printers with the preferred settings they may have configured earlier. Unlike auto-created client printers, network printers assigned by Administrators via the Session Printers policy rule cannot retain user-defined settings after they are deleted. This could potentially result in numerous Session Printer objects being accumulated in session for users who are often on the move and reconnect from different locations and client computers.

With the enhancement in place, however, it is now possible to prevent that accumulation. It was first introduced with hotfix  XA650R02W2K8R2X64010 that has been recently superseded by Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 for Citrix XenApp 6.5. Once the update is installed one needs to implement the following server-side registry modification as per their requirement:

1. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\PrintingSettings registry key

2. Add a REG_DWORD value named DeleteNetworkPrinters

3. Assign the desired value

-If the value is 0, Session Printers will not be deleted.

-If the value is 1, Session Printers will be deleted.

-If the value is missing, Session Printers will be deleted.

Some background information:

https://support.citrix.com/servlet/KbServlet/download/8212-102-665018/CPS4%20Feature%20Assessment%20-%20Proximity%20Printing.pdf – Proximity Printing

http://support.citrix.com/servlet/KbServlet/download/8451-102-671490/PresentationServer4[1].0PrintingEnhancementsWhitepaper.pdf – Citrix Presentation Server 4 – Printing Enhancements

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