With the release of the newest version of XenDesktop 7.5, Citrix is enabling enterprises to deliver desktops from anywhere in the hybrid cloud.  ThinPrint has the best technology available to ensure fast, efficient and simple printing to any printer regardless of where the user’s desktop is running.

With its world class, centralized printing infrastructure, ThinPrint can handle print jobs from desktops that run in the same data center as the print infrastructure.  This also works for those print jobs that arrive from a cloud location thousands of miles away. These print jobs are then delivered to whichever printer is closest to the end users workspace using network, local or cloud enabled printers.

ThinPrint even delivers print jobs to printers connected via the cloud using its industry leading technologies for:

  • End to end print job compression and encryption
  • Centralized installation and management of printer drivers
  • “Follow me” and “Pull Printing” without expensive specialized hardware
  • Support of Hybrid Cloud solutions that originate print jobs outside the data center
  • Integration with the newly announced Citrix CloudBridge 2000WS