Today I’m excited to announce Wake on LAN integration for Remote PC Access coming soon with XenDesktop 7.5, and in case you missed the next release announcement, please find it here:

We have thousands of new and existing customers deploying XenDesktop in this new innovative way to securely provide the best remote experience to existing corporate desktops.  For a background on Remote PC Access technology, see my blog here:  /blogs/2013/05/22/remote-desktop-mobility-with-remote-pc-access-in-xendesktop-7/

Not only do we have thousands of customers deploying, we have customers deploying in the thousands, and tens of thousands of systems.  These customers are choosing to standardize on Remote PC Access as part of their base desktop image to enable a unified method of desktop access alongside virtual applications secured through Citrix Netscaler Gateway technologies.

As a former IT admin, I understand the frustration in every company for every user with remote desktop access, so I created a real life drama skit based on this pain point:

Our customers loved Remote PC Access so much, that they decided to deploy XenDesktop even though it required the users’ desktops to be powered on – sometimes hampering their green computing efforts.

Alternatively, they leveraged a 3rd party mechanism that was pieced together or manually actuated by the end user.  This isn’t a great experience for the user, and certainly not the admin.  Both perspectives should be simple.  In fact, I believe technology should be invisible and unique.

Today, with the announcement of XenDesktop 7.5, I can share with you integration and support for Wake on LAN using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2!  While I can’t share with you screenshots of the admin experience, I can share with you this quick demo video of the user experience:

On the right, the corporate desktop, on the left BYO any device with Receiver – and in between Netscaler Gateway and no VPNs!  …and don’t worry, the admin experience is just as awesome as the user experience!

Why System Center ConfigMgr 2012 R2?  Citrix and Microsoft have a rich history of partnership, and this new area of integration demonstrates that continued commitment.  It was also very apparent through the course of customer conversations, that the bulk of Remote PC Access customers looking for Wake on LAN integration were in the midst of a transition to, or planning on deploying ConfigMgr 2012 R2.  By embracing ConfigMgr 2012 R2 in this way, it provides unique capabilities that only our two companies can provide together.

It’s a great feeling to showcase real, new, and unheralded ways that enable our customer’s to leverage XenDesktop, ways that will have immediate and tangible benefits from investing in Citrix technologies.  In the last two weeks, at Summit Orlando and Singapore, I held sessions and demonstrated the new technology for our global partners and sales teams, and it was very overwhelming the responses I received of enthusiasm and excitement!  Validation for you, the customer, that this technology is in very high demand and extremely desired.

More blogs to come on the seamless integration and admin experience – and I’ll give you a teaser, it’s completely touchless and….simple.

Best regards,