IT security cannot be accurately addressed through a single product or solution. Instead, security must be built into the fabric of IT – up and down the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI model), between on-premises and cloud datacenters, and across interconnected networks.

This complex, distributed nature of IT security is exactly why the application delivery controller (ADC) is taking an ever-expanding role in securing mobile devices, web infrastructures and networks. The ADC is uniquely positioned to serve as a primary defense against security threats from malware, denial of service (DOS) attacks, and other malicious activities targeting the web and app layers.

Let’s take a closer look at three scenarios where the ADC is a critical element for security.

Denial of Service Attacks

For the first time in several years, there has been a sharp increase in denial of service (DOS) attacks. In the past, these attacks have been directed at the networks of large companies. Now we are seeing the emergence of attacks targeting smaller companies and higher layers in the computing stack. Intruders are using low-bandwidth attacks disguised as legitimate transactions to bypass firewalls and basic intrusion prevention measures.

Organizations need a better way to prevent these attacks, and the right ADC can provide the solution. Learn how Citrix NetScaler can help protect against DOS attacks in the report, Citrix NetScaler: A Powerful Defense Against DOS Attacks.

Modern Threats against Web Properties

Customers, employees and partners are frequently accessing web-delivered services from their mobile devices. At the same time, attackers are constantly discovering new ways tocompromise security, including advanced malware and application layer attacks. Without the right tools, you are vulnerable.

NetScaler gives you the visibility and control to manage, accelerate, and secure all your web properties, so you can deliver both the service and security your users demand. To learn more about web security and NetScaler, read the full report: Defend Web Properties from Modern Threats with Citrix NetScaler.

Mobile and Backend Infrastructures

We’ve all come to expect the same security, performance and reliability from our mobile apps as we do with native apps. But these apps don’t just run on our mobile devices. They are powered by a variety of backend infrastructure – a hidden but critical layer of application components and network devices.

NetScaler helps this invisible layer of infrastructure to perform and communicate, improving security as well as quality of service. And by integrating with XenMobile, you can offer greater support and a better experience for mobile users. Learn more about delivering improved security, reliability and performance through mobile environments by reading our full report, Defend Hidden Mobile Web Properties.


As threats evolve, security must be built into the entire IT fabric. This has uniquely positioned ADCs to take an ever-expanding role in securing mobile devices, web infrastructures and networks.

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