In this blog, let us look at how to change the branding on Worx Store (inside Worx Home) using the XenMobile AppController or XenMobile Device Manager. That is, if a company wants to have the company logo on Worx Store, the following steps will help.

Important: When the company logo is published, you will see logo only inside the Worx Store, where you see all the apps assigned to a users, but not on the main WorxHome screen or on the Worx Home My Apps screen.

You can push company logo (branding) on to Worx Store in two ways, one way is by using AppController and the other by using Device Manager. Both methods have been explained below.

Using XenMobile AppController

You should make sure that the logo file that you plan to have on Worx Store meets the below pre-req:


Upload a .zip file containing files that should have following specifications:

  1. Extension of the file should be in .PNG format (Pure White logo/text with transparent background at 72 dpi)
  2. Adhere to size constraints – 170px x 25px (1x) + 340px x 50px (2x).
  3. Company logo should not exceed the above given height or width
  4. Files should be named as Header.png and Header@2x.png
  5. These two files should be selected and zipped together.

1. Logn to AppController Control Point by using the URL https://<IP or Host name>:4443/ControlPoint

2. Click on Settings -> Branding

3. Select if you want the branding for a phone or tablet. If you have selected phone, then that image will be shown with gray border as seen below:

4. There should be two image files with .PNG format zipped together.

5. Click on ‘Browse’ button to browse to the location where the images zip file is located on your computer.

6. Select the zip file and click on Open

7. After that, click on ‘Upload’ button to upload the logo/branding image

8. Once you upload the zip file, the logo that you have uploaded can be seen as below

Note: It is recommended that you have logo that has Pure White Text with transparent background, for better visibility; however it is not mandatory. If you do not like the logo, you can click on ‘x Remove’ and re-upload another one.

9. Now, open WorxHome and tap on ‘Worx Store’  in your phone.

10. This is how the logo would look like, on your phone:


  1. Sometimes, the logo may not look aligned properly. Try to change the pixel sizes.
  2. If the file names of the two PNG files are not in the given format, you will get an error “Package Upload Failed” or the logo alignment will be wrong.
  3. The phone used here is iPhone 5

Using XenMobile Device Manager

If you are using only MDM component in your environment and you want to change the logo/branding, then you can follow the steps given below.

1. Log on to your device manager

2. Under Polies Tab, go to MDM Policies ->  Global Policies -> Branding. When you select ‘Branding’, you will see an option to create new policy. Click on ‘New Policy’, as shown below :

3. Enter the Policy Name, description and then upload the logo/image file in PNG format by using the ‘Choose File’ button.

4. Once the file is uploaded, you will see the preview of the logo. If you are fine with the preview, click on ‘Create” button to create the branding policy.

5. When the policy is created, you will see the new policy along with the description that you have entered as seen below.

6. After the branding policy has been created, you need to deploy this policy. To deploy the policy, go to Deployments -> Base Package iOS (here choose the package with which you want to deploy the logo). In the ‘Edit Package’ page, click on ‘Resources’ and then under the ‘Available resources’ you will find the new policy that you have created, under ‘Branding Policy’

7. Select the new branding policy that you have created and use the -> (button) to move it to ‘Resources to deploy’ box and click on ‘Finish’.

8. When you click on Finish, you will get a confirmation box. Click Yes to push the policy to all the users.

9. Once the branding policy has been pushed, you can see the brand logo/image on your device as seen below:

Note: If you have XenMobile Enterprise Edition (MDM + APPC) then you should do your branding via AppController.

This concludes the blog on branding using XenMobile Enterprise Edition.