Partners, you play a central role in our business and we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. To that end, we were very excited at Citrix Summit to announce SalesIQ, a world-class sales enablement platform that taps the power of sales process, social collaboration, mobility and analytics. By providing a central hub for content that is highly intuitive and always evolving, SalesIQ ensures that the best content for specific sales situations is the freshest and most valuable sales resources accessible from anywhere, on any device.

The new platform is easy to use, intuitive and you have access to even more content than you had before with Sucess Kits. Also, sales content such as consulting toolkits, PNDs, promotions and incentives formerly on Citrix Partner Central are available on Citrix SalesIQ for a one-stop-shop experience. More good news is that your username and password for Citrix Partner Central is unchanged and the single sign-on capability allows you to easily access Citrix SalesIQ. Citrix Partner Central showcases SalesIQ directly from the home page or you can simply navigate to the sales section where a link is also available.

Highlighted features are:

  • Mobile access for your iOS device or Android device
  • Subscription services allow you to easily “follow” the  latest content
  • Visibility into sales content ratings that indicate which content is most effective
  • Google-like search functionality using a variety of tags and characteristics
  • Leads and Rewards integration offers targeted resources for a guided selling approach

Bookmark  and start using Citrix SalesIQ, powered by SAVO, for a brand new partner sales enablement experience.