echo “Hello, World!”

Another quick item.  Ever have a desire to see a list of OPEN files and WHAT is using them?

From the XenServer console, run :

yum install enablerepo=base lsof

(Please note that enablerepo=base is prefaced by two dashes, not one)

This will install the ever useful tool… lsof.  For example, let’s just say that the OS is reporting that “test.txt” is in use by another program.  I would run the following from the XenServer command line to found out what process is “holding on” to test.txt:

lsof | grep test

vi 4600 root 3u REG 8,1 12288 376849 /root/test.txt

So, I can see that someone – root – is using vi (process ID is 4600) to edit test.txt!  Depending on the context of the situation I can take appropriate action…

And this is from my Virtual Desktop to you.