So here we are a few weeks after the launch of Citrix and NVIDIA’s vGPU technologies and here in XenServer partner engineering we are seeing huge amounts of information and reference solutions coming through from our OEM partners. The advent of vGPU for Citrix XenDesktop on XenServer and other Citrix technologies to support remote 3D graphics, CAD and a better windows Aero experience has been possible by investment by our biggest hardware partners in their consultancy teams and server technologies. I personally find the blogs and reference solutions from these partners a fascinating read so I’ve tried to draw together some my favourite sources of information.


Dave Coutts (IBM Distinguished Engineer & STG Industrial Sector CTO)writes an excellent blog which links to many of IBM’s initiatives in this area. IBM has been a key partner in building up reference architectures for CAD virtualisation with the likes of PTC and AutoDesk. IBM have also been collaborating closely with Citrix, NVIDIA and PLM organisations.


Dell have been investing in reference for vGPU, particularly on their R720 platform. Manish Chacko’s from Dell’s blog is another excellent read with lots of links and scalability figures. vGPU will be soon available in Dell’s reference architectures but Manish’s blog will give you a few spoilers.


HP have also been working hard on their reference architectures for graphical deployments, this has resulted in an absolute must read, available now here, for anyone trying to decide upon a solution to deliver anything graphical or CAD related including remotely. Although the white paper refers to their hot new WS460c Gen8 platform most of the information is relevant to anyone considering GPU usage. I’m particularly keen on this reference as it covers not only Citrix’s solutions but also VMware’s vSGA and vDGA technologies, along with Microsoft’s remote FX. HP have investigated the performance and limits of the various solutions with reference to support for particular rendering technologies such as DirectX and OpenGL, and recommend which and how particular solutions are suitable to different types of CAD, Windows Office, PLM users. In particular the give a really nice overview of the technologies that complements our own, if you are looking for a vendor agnostic description of what all those vSGA, vGPU, vDGA acronyms mean this might well tick the box.

HP also have some interesting blogs on 3D graphics and virtualisation available.


Cisco are also active bloggers, again with helpful links to reference architectures around GPU virtualisation. Cisco have a long history of large scale deployments of XenDesktop and the case studies and architectures on their site are fascinating! Cisco are a partner we have been working closely with and you can find more about how this will enable CAD and remote graphics in VDI deployments here on the Citrix site.

If you want to know more about why the OEMs are excited as we are about vGPU do check out the reference customers who tried the technology during the tech preview, here. For an overview on the business cases for these technologies you may like to read around some of my earlier blogs and the links they contain:

For those of you lucky enough to be currently attending Citrix Summit for partners in Florida you’ll find all these major partners there, with more details on vGPU and demos.