Victor Hwang is the Author of The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley. I met him last week to discuss The Global Innovation Summit where he is the Executive Director.

Victor recently wrote an article for Forbes called The Startup Movement Is Not About Startups, Actually.  He notes that,  “It is actually a deeper cultural shift that cuts to the heart of the human condition.  It reflects a dissatisfaction with the way much of the world has gone for the last several decades.”  He goes on to conclude that, “Innovation is not a solo sport.  It thrives in supportive, diverse, connected, pay-it-forward ecosystems.  It dies in selfish ones. “

I am especially impressed by the way Victor and his team are addressing how innovation ecosystems are formed and how communities are built.  As SXSW concerns human creativity, The Global Innovation Summit deals with architecting communities around entrepreneurs.

I am really excited to participate in the summit next month, which is designed to be a “living laboratory” for designing ecosystems.