For small and medium business, outsourcing the hassle of IT to a hosted service provider provides anytime, anywhere access to information from a secure, modern hosted desktop. To best explain the opportunities with hosted desktops, Citrix shared today a new “what is a hosted desktop?” short video that explains the basic concepts of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) in language that SMB buyers best understand.

A hosted desktop unchains the desktop from the device and puts it in a secure data center where it can be delivered to any device, anytime.  That can make some big differences.  For employees, it allows more productivity and flexibility.  For business, it allows the firm to centralize and secure company data.

Citrix Service Provider Program partners can download the short “what is a hosted desktop solution?” video for use on the partner’s company website, social media, email campaign, in-person events, and webinars.

Citrix Service Provider Partners can share this new "What is a hosted desktop?" video to explain Desktop-as-a-Service to end users

Small and medium businesses looking to experience the security and flexibility of a hosted desktop can start the discussion today. Contact a Citrix Service Provider partner to learn more about how they can help with a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution.