Attention Partners: It’s official. Success Kits are retired and Citrix SalesIQ is live.

You may be wondering why Citrix made this change, what’s the motivation and why now. At Citrix, we believe in innovating, improving and adapting. We understand that you have specific sales needs and to better address them, we have embarked on a journey to offer a single source for sales content. A major milestone is the launch of Citrix SalesIQ, a world-class sales enablement platform.

By providing a central hub for content that is highly intuitive and always evolving, Citrix SalesIQ ensures access to the best content for specific roles and sales situations and the freshest, most valuable resources. The transition from Success Kits to Citrix SalesIQ provides global integration of sales content in a centralized platform, ensuring you have the most relevant, on-demand and effective information that is also shared by Citrix sales teams. The new user experience offered by Citrix SalesIQ makes it easy to find content you need the most, including sales packaged resources to help you cross-sell the entire Citrix stack of solutions.

Finding content you need the most is easier than ever. We’re confident thatyou’ll like what you see and how the new platform works.

Highlighted features are:

  • Mobile device access. Access the platform directly from the Citrix SalesIQ mobile app to quickly locate content for presentation or pose questions to subject matter experts on the fly.
  • Leads and Rewards integration. Targeted resources are surfaced for a guided selling approach.
  • Rating. Social collaboration is seamless with visibility into sales content ratings by peers, indicating which content they find most effective.
  • Search. With Google-like search functionality, you can find sales content by tags for products, industry reports and white papers as well as by characteristics such as date, type and owners.
  • Subscription services. Following content ensures access to the latest updated information and resources without having to wonder what changed, ensuring complete confidence about the accuracy and integrity of the sales content on hand.

We’re confident that Citrix SalesIQ, powered by SAVO, will serve as your central hub for core, relevant content that expedites your sales cycles and improves your business results. This solution will help you broaden your share of wallet with customers as well as shorten your sales cycles.

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