I love it when I get to see a project I’ve been involved with in a small way deliver something really impressive. Nothing beats that feeling of being a small cog in a really well-oiled machine!

Earlier this year I was asked along with others to provide a little XenServer engineering input working with our consultancy teams in Australia, who were working with our partner IBM to deploy a large new XenDesktop on XenServer for Westpac. This involved working with a number of partners to ensure optimised security and networking for the deployment. During this deployment IBM built up an optimal reference architecture for deploying Citrix XenDesktop on XenServer that can scale to several tens of thousands of VMs. Other component of the Citrix stack were also integrated to provide a single solution such as Netscaler.

I was delighted to be able to see the Westpac architecture nominated for best partner solution at Citrix Summit, with a fascinating video explaining what was achieved available here. Westpac is the world’s 11th largest bank and initially have deployed 15000 desktop VMs all on XenServer but with build in future scalability. Westpac and IBM worked with our security partners to reduce the complexity of their systems migrating from their pre-existing VDI solution smoothly.

It was a great project to play a small part in and with IBM laying down such solid reference solutions that have involved many groups across Citrix all working together to provide an integrated, coherent solution one that I expect we’ll see replicated across other banks and industries.

If you are one of the 5000+ at our Citrix Summit Partner in Florida meeting this week, do try and catch up with IBM and the other nominees, for some really exciting insight.