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Thanks to one of our clients (you know who you are) I decided it was high time to spread a tiny nugget of information.  It is small, this will be brief, but hopefully it will help you as this is third highest question I am constantly asked.  Now, let it be forever demystified … and with pictures!


When using XenCenter to manage your VMs, are you constantly interrupted when trying authenticate within a Windows VM by the following?



No.  Then this means your Windows host does not have Remote Desktop enabled or you have already disabled the “Automatically Connect” feature!  Kudos!

Yes, but I like it.  Then this post is not for you, but thanks for reading this far!

Yes, but it drives me nuts!  Excellent.  You are my target audience, so read on…

The Text Solution:

The short answer is that in XenCenter there is an option to automatically detect Remote Desktop activity and prompt you to use that instead of the visual interface (within XenCenter).  This option is found under Tools -> Options -> Console : Take the check mark off of “Automatically switch to Remote Desktop console when it becomes available”.

The Visual Solution:

The longer answer, involving pictures, is that there is an option in XenCenter you can disable so you can control when to use Remote Desktop or not!

1.  In XenCenter, go to Tools and select Options:

Figure no. 1

2.  In the option box, select Console on the left hand panel.  On the right hand side (near the bottom) take the check mark off of “Automatically switch to Remote Desktop console when it becomes available” and press OK:

Figure no. 2

3.  Now you have the power!  If Remote Desktop is available, you can choose to use it when you want to by selecting“Switch to Remote Desktop” when it becomes activated/highlighted above your console view in XenCenter!

Figure no. 3

Well, that is it…

And this is from my Virtual Desktop to you.