Pascal Finette was Director Open Innovation Group & WebFWD at Mozilla when we met last year.   He spoke at the @Citrix Startup Accelerator with our Labs group of technologist from around the world.  He joined late last year where he is a Portfolio Manager investing in best-in-breed organizations that use technology to change the world.

The funny story he told us today is that one of the non-profits they fund, that protects wildlife, is using drones to watch for poachers.  Many people he tells this story to assume the drones are taking the poachers out!  Maybe they should be it just shows how negative the word “drone” has become.

He is also the Founder of The Heretic – An opinionated newsletter about startups and entrepreneurship.  Check it out!

Also check out another great Google invention, the mobile conference room.  It’s completely green energy sourced with no electricity required!

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