Today, Citrix officially launches DesktopPlayer for Mac. This milestone release marks the extension of desktop virtualization to corporate and BYO MacBooks with no network dependency.

DesktopPlayer runs locally on top of Mac OS X to make Windows virtual desktops more manageable, reliable and secure for IT while offering increased freedom and flexibility for end users.

Ease of Use and Convenience for Mac Users – Employees who bring their own MacBook into the workplace, or who are issued a corporate MacBook, can access Windows applications and corporate data when encountering slow or intermittent networks while traveling or working remotely. In addition, DesktopPlayer users gain the flexibility and convenience of maintaining their personal Mac environment while accessing corporate-issued apps – giving them the best of both worlds on a single MacBook.
Easy, Non-Disruptive Install: Run enterprise Windows apps in a VM while preserving personal Mac settings and data.
Fast Setup and Local Performance: Easy setup with a single wizard-driven installer that pushes down a Windows desktop after a simple registration to a server.
Flexibility: A simplified interface and multiple view modes provide quick access to both Windows and Mac environments at the same time.

Manageability and Control for IT Administrators – Corporate IT can use a single Windows golden image across any number of Macs in the enterprise with DesktopPlayer since it leverages the Synchronizer central management backend. The Synchronizer is the common management server that offers a single pane of glass for management of Windows virtual desktops for Macs, as well as and PCs running XenClient Enterprise.
Centralized Management: Provision a single golden image to multiple Macs (and PCs with XenClient Enterprise)
Automated Updates: Centralized management provides the capability to automatically update VMs on multiple MacBooks

Security and Enhanced Productivity for Businesses – DesktopPlayer protects corporate data in Windows virtual desktops with granular role-based policies managed centrally by the Synchronizer.
Security for BYO Macs: AD policy-based access and granular policies can be applied to managed VMs on BYO MacBooks, including VM lockout, expiration and remote kill.
Personal vDisk Integration: PvD technology enables users to retain user-installed applications and desktop settings. MacBook users can install their own apps and personal device software while IT can continue to control and update the base golden image.

DesktopPlayer for Mac works seamlessly with XenDesktop through tools such as Citrix Profile Management, Citrix Receiver, and ShareFile, empowering MacBook users to be highly productive and cover a broader set of business use cases around mobile workstyles.

To learn more how DesktopPlayer for Mac can help to manage corporate or BYO Macs, check out DesktopPlayer for Mac today!

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