Make cloud management a priority for your customers, whether they’re Service Providers or Enterprises, in 2014. Cloud is a key priority for CIOs as they transform IT to the “as a service” model. This trend represents a rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar opportunity. At Citrix Summit, partners will learn the key trends in cloud computing, how it relates to mobility and why Citrix is leading in customer cloud deployments with winning sales strategies and techniques that will help sales and partners learn about the Citrix vision for IT-as-a-service and roadmaps for CloudPlatform, Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager and Citrix XenServer.

Citrix is innovating our cloud management technology at a rapid rate to help you keep pace with customer demands for improved solutions. Explore solutions for building automated, elastic, “anything-as-a-service” clouds that ensure the best security, performance and reliability whether running in the enterprise datacenter or in an external cloud.

Citrix partners and sales will gain knowledge of the following at Citrix Summit 2014:

  • The Citrix vision for IT as a service and roadmaps for CloudPlatform, Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager and Citrix XenServer
  • Learn how to leverage Citrix CloudPlatform to win enterprise and service provider cloud deals
  • The benefits of expanding your enterprise offering with Citrix cloud solutions
  • How the new architecture enables full self-service management of apps, desktops and infrastructure
  • How to demo and explain the value of this integrated solution to customers
  • Core capabilities of CloudPlatform and feature highlights from the latest release
  • Core CloudPortal capabilities including account management, billing, monitoring and CRM
  • Integrating existing business and operations support systems and third-party services
  • Reference architecture for deploying XenApp using CloudPlatform
  • Examples of customers that leveraged this architecture and why they chose it
  • Auto-scaling and orchestration contributions to the success of a XenApp deployment

Here are the Cloud sessions to attend:

Don’t forget to drop by the Citrix Booth, Pods 13 and 14 to see first-hand demos of the latest cloud technology and discuss your customers’ requirements for XenServer and CloudPlatform.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the Citrix partners and sales team soon.

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