The current version of Receiver for Java (10.1) will no longer function on any end point that installs  Java 7 update 51 !   Installing  the Receiver for Java 10.1.007 update will  avoid issues.

Please note comments from Mallikarjun Dandoti below regarding use with HTTPS only!

The update can be found  here.

Here is the back story. Oracle will release Java 7 update 51  in January, 2014, with two security changes designed to enhance authentication and authorization for Rich Internet Applications. The default security slider is being updated in a way that will block Rich Internet Applications that do not adhere to new requirements.   See details here.

While the Receiver for Java (ICA client) is beyond  End of Maintenance,  the Citrix Lifecycles Management Team released this update to provide customer more time to migrate to Receiver for HTML5.

Administrators should  update  the Receiver for Java  client to avoid issues.  A good option is to  expedite transition to Receiver for HTML5. Receiver for HTML5 offers an improve user experience, support for more types of end points, and will include new features over time. It’s available for use with StoreFront in conjunction with several versions of XenApp and XenDesktop and is also available for use with VDI-in-a-Box.

Let us know of any issues.