Partners, mark your calendars for January 13 when your new sales enablement platform, Citrix SalesIQ goes live!

What’s Citrix SalesIQ? Citrix SalesIQ is a powerful sales enablement platform that provides a single source of content. By offering mobility, intuitive usability, collaboration and ongoing evolution, Citrix SalesIQ ensures access to the best content for specific roles and sales situations and the freshest, most valuable resources.

The new user experience offered by Citrix SalesIQ makes it easy to find content you need the most, including sales packaged resources to help you cross-sell the entire Citrix stack of solutions. This platform will help you broaden your share of wallet with customers as well as shorten your sales cycles.

Success Kits content and additional sales material on Partner Central such as consulting toolkits, PNDs, promotions and incentives will be available from Citrix SalesIQ, your single source for all your sales needs. Also, a great feature is the ability to click on a link in Partner Central and access Citrix SalesIQ – or the reverse – without having to log in again. Single sign-on technology provides seamless navigation throughout.

More details will be shared in upcoming issues of Citrix Partner News and blogs so stay tuned.