Citrix partner Virsage flooding hosted desktopsMany times we focus on the anytime, anywhere access to corporate data as a benefit of hosted desktops. While every firm needs to think about business continuity as a checkmark on their overall plan, it’s not always their top reason to adopt a desktop-as-a-service structure. Allowing employees hosted desktop access to their work apps and data keeps businesses open and productive, even during a natural disaster.

Last year it seemed there were devastating effects of nature in every reach of the globe. One of the most beautiful areas in the United States was hit by devastating flooding in September 2013. During the northern Colorado flooding, Citrix Service Provider partner Virsage said their first thought was to ensure their hosted desktop customers and reseller partners were up and running. When a Virsage employee arrived at their offices that morning, the firm realized their building was affected by the floodwaters.

With floodwater throughout the office building’s basement and the building closed, the Virsage team gave first priority to their employees, then used hosted desktops to work from any location. Their customers experienced no gaps in service and it was business as usual.

For small businesses that used the Virsage hosted desktops to run their day-to-day operations, the first priority was to ensure their employees were safe, then it was business as usual. For a healthcare provider, it was reassuring to know cloud-based desktops would keep working to update records and billing.

In an odd coincidence, a boutique accounting firm that uses Virsage hosted desktops had moved office locations the day prior to the flooding. Their office move took just 2 hours with no data center equipment to handle. The team had little interruption to working – and billing. When the flooding struck, the firm ensured their professionals were not affected, then continued to work via their Virsage hosted desktops with no challenges.

Make 2014 the year that hosted desktops help keep small and medium businesses running – whether for the convenience of workshifting or a secure option for business continuity. To learn more about the Virsage work through the Colorado flooding, read their hosted desktop case study. For more details about becoming a Citrix Service Provider partner, read more on the Citrix website.