Last quarter, I had a very passionate and uplifting customer at Citrix Executive Briefing Center (EBC) and was talking about how he wants his company to provide advanced openings for houses where customer can remotely open and close depending on temperature, etc.  And how he needed Citrix to help him reach the company objectives with all the Citrix technologies we provide.  In addition, I read this article in San Jose mercury news this morning and found it interesting:

Love the idea of all the gadgets of things to be connected – i.e gadget so that cows can be tracked for any movements they have.  So, it would be like Fitbit, which brought good conversations during last month’s Christmas gatherings!  🙂  The article refers to all the different companies in the valley that will have massive growth due to this new era where all things will be connected.  Several companies were mentioned including a Citrix partner – Cisco Systems for potential growth of routers and switches.  Although Citrix was not mentioned in the article, this also means that Citrix will play a big part of this ‘Internet of Things’ because of the same Citrix technologies that the passionate customer needed us to help him with.  Citrix provides XenApp/XenDesktop to securely mobilize Windows® apps so they are touch-enabled and fast over mobile networks, the XenMobile solution allows IT to easily meet mobile device security and compliance requirements, and of course NetScaler to provide high availability, security, scalability and performance for all these potential billion devices that will be network connected.  Before I finished reading the end of this article, I was also thinking that NetScaler Web Application Firewall will play a big part for better security of these gadgets – so Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL attack protections as well as DDOS protections will surely be helpful globally.

Why I was very interested to ready this article is because I am looking forward to seeing many more customers that Citrix will help this year and beyond to ensure their vision of advanced gadgets are realized with the help of Citrix and many more companies in Silicon Valley and other technology central hub places!