It sometimes seems like a broken record: when will enterprise mobility finally succeed! Following this industry since 1995, so much has changed, but so much has stayed the same. No doubt, monumental changes in enterprise mobility have taken place. Adoption and usage is no longer the domain of verticals like delivery and field service. Driven first by BlackBerry, and by the iPhone and 3G/4G network services-all types of enterprises and users have squarely embraced enterprise wireless communications. At least as far as wireless email.  It just feels like something is missing, and that mobility is till something we do on top of our mobile computing on notebooks.

The impact of enterprise mobility is there for sure, but it’s hard to quantify and explain. Even as more users replace their notebooks with tablets–it’s just not feeling like we are there yet. But where is “there”? And will we ever arrive? I wrote out some thoughts for CIOReview about this and what to expect in the next year, titled, ” Device Multiplicity At Its Peak In The Enterprises.” Maybe in fact, we won’t ever be there until mobile technologies completely replace how we do our computing and communications today. Which I don’t think will happen for everyone. Or maybe it’s just going to take some time as mobile technologies become an integrated part of enterprise computing and IT systems. That’s more likely–but whatever happens, and however long it takes, the (r)evolution has begun.

Happy 2014!

Phil Redman is VP of Mobile Solutions & Strategy at Citrix and often muses on the mayhem of mobile miscelany.