What a way to start the New Year with a rolling list of networking sessions that Citrix partners and sales should definitely partake in.

Citrix partners and sales should walk away from Citrix Summit 2014 with the following networking summary:

  • For every mobile deployment, NetScaler is the only solution that can provide the best scalability, simplified manageability and best customer user experience
  • For every XenApp/XenDesktop deployment, NetScaler can provide not only the high availability, security and performance that customer needs but the only solution that can provide ICA visibility with HDX Insight
  • NetScaler and Cisco building the best breed of integrations that can simplify customer deployments while increasing ROI for customers
  • What Software Defined Networking is all about and how NetScaler is best positioned in this latest buzz
  • Latest NetScaler features from NetScaler engineers themselves to see their latest innovations and answer any questions.  Learning labs also available for networking hands on.

Here are some of the Networking sessions:

SUM111: NetScaler roadmap and vision

SUM112: Why NetScaler is the best front end for XenApp and XenDesktop

SUM113: Want to make money selling Citrix networking? Ask the experts

SUM141: Latest innovations and competitive advantage of Citrix NetScaler

SUM203: Extending XenDesktop, XenApp and NetScaler deployments to support enterprise mobility with XenMobile

SUM212: Discover how to increase deal size and customer satisfaction with HDX Insight

SUM230: Optimize XenDesktop and enterprise apps with CloudBridge

SUM216: What is Software Defined Networking and how can NetScaler help you provide it?

SUM110: Learn the latest on NetScaler and Cisco integrations

This is just a list for a few of the sessions, full list can be found at Citrix Summit 2014 Networking tab.   Schedule your time to go to as many of the sessions as each one might have some nice surprises – i.e SUM111 may have a cool special guest while other sessions may have other surprises in store for you! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing all the Citrix partners and sales team soon. Happy New Year!!