With the maintenance release of XenClient Enterprise 5.0.4 I thought it apropos to take this opportunity, sit down and have a chat with you: our clients, community and fellow Citrites!

This post is not intended to highlight the new features, improvements and fixes, but to have a discussion over a topic I have supported and have seen bubbling up within our Discussion Forums.  (If you aren’t a member to it, I strongly suggest you join: sign up, no spam, learn something new and raise questions to a diverse community!)

The item I refer to is the name-sake of this post, but here it is in question format, “Alex”:

“How do I change the default Windows Drive Letters in XCE?”

The answer direct answer is very carefully.  The purpose to this question – from any Administrator needing to alter the default drive letters used by XenClient Enterprise – is very understandable.  Organizations of any size usually have that one “Dedicated Windows CIFS/File Share”.  You know the one: “It’s on Q” or “The backups are on the F Drive”, etc.

While I have a KB/CTX article available explaining how to change the User and Local drive letters, I have added an update to reflect items any XenClient Administrator or Citrix Support Representative needs to consider post XCE 4.x:

  • What type of VM disk image the Administrator is using for VM deployment (PvD, Shared or Custom)
  • What drive letters are in use within the Administrator’s Windows environment for infrastructure purposes
  • Is it necessary to change both the default User drive (U) and Local drive (L) or is it appropriate to change one instead of the other?

First, drives A, B, C an D should never be used to replace the User drive letter or Local drive letter.  Simply: this is sacred Windows ground.

Secondly, if the Administrator is utilizing a PvD image for their VM deployment, the User drive OR Local drive should never be set to P!

Let me repeat this:

If the Administrator is utilizing a PvD image for their VM deployment, the User drive OR Local drive should never be set to P!

The reason is that for PvD VMs, the P drive is used on VM deployment to prep the VM within an engine.  Using P for the User or Local drive will result in a publish failure.

So, my excellent clients, peers and Citrix Fans, do not use drive letters A, B, C, D or P when prepping a VM to be deployed to your Engines.

With that being said, check out the links to XenClient 5.0.4 as well as this link from our Discussion Forum regarding this release: special thanks to Pete and David for their never ending knowledge, time and contributions!