Language is where our minds meet. It reflects our highest aspirations, our deepest desires, the authenticity of our commitment, our heart. Language takes a message universal, making the synaptic jump across media, space, time, culture and psychology to release its meaning in the  recipient experience. Truly potent stuff.  An art form. Try getting across what you mean with precision and finesse. Not a sport for the faint of heart.

Deserving of our utmost care and attention? You bet!  When the “we” is our company, words are direct currency with our customers. It matters—absolute value-add in every interaction. You already know this intimately. Anyone writing content is faced with trying to get the tone, style, and wording just right.

So how do we foster inspired communication, not just with our customers, but our partners, colleagues, and friends? Here’s a beginning to the conversation. If we embrace a few tenets of well-crafted language, we can’t go wrong: Make it simple, fresh, trustworthy, relevant, and friendly. That’s it. It’s not everything in the toolkit, but it’s a darn good start. Read on for a quick portrayal of each modifier. And then try writing for your customers with these in mind.

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  • Synonyms: crisp, bright, snappy, creative, clean, alert, light, novel, original, smart, inventive, breezy, artsy
  • Mental video: Juice splashing while slicing a lemon
  • Favorite line: “Girrrl…you go.”

fresh herbs

water splashing


  • Synonyms: direct, quick, uncomplicated, effortless, easy, straightforward, where it’s needed, when it’s needed, classy, efficient, condensed, within grasp, foundational
  • Mental video:  Runner checking shoelaces before a marathon
  • Favorite line: “Talk to me.”

Sand garden 

Simple black dress


  • Synonyms: appropriate, timely, pertinent, important, thought-provoking, applicable, germane, significant
  • Mental video: A physician reviewing images with a patient
  • Favorite line: “This will help.”

Windmill Farm

surgical monitor


  • Synonyms: honest, reliable, warm, authentic, consistent, steady, dependable, accurate, helpful
  • Mental video: The sun coming up
  • Favorite line: “I’m right here.”

Hands held in trust

Friendly dog looking up into your face


  • Synonyms: warm, responsive, open, kind, gracious, fun, goodhearted, cheerful, embracing, caring, smiling
  • Mental video: A cup of cocoa offered in the cold
  • Favorite line: “What can I do?”


Smiley face in the sand

That’s the end of this blog. Almost.

Passion and humor belong somewhere in this mix, but that can wait for another blog.

A verb, a noun, and an adjective walk into a bar ….

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