A patch is released for the XenMobile Device Manager (XDM) environment to address SSL connection offloading from the NetScaler.  SSL offloading allows a SSL connection that is destined for the Device Manager to terminate at the NetScaler. A new SSL connection is then established between start the NetScaler and the Device Manager.  The new connection that is established between the NetScaler and the XDM can either be clear text on port 80 or encrypted over SSL (recommended configuration). 

This does not affect the end user experience at all.

The patch is found: http://www.citrix.com/downloads/xenmobile/product-software/xenmobile-86-mdm-edition.html.  It is for the XenMobile Device Manager.

This patch applies to XenMobile Device Manager 8.6 only.

To install the patch:

  1. Copy the .jar file to:

\XenMobile Device Manager\tomcat\webapps\[instance_name]\WEB-INF\lib (on all cluster nodes, in a clustered XDM config)

  1. Restart ZDM service.