MAM administrators can configure pre-loaded bookmarks through WorxWeb policies. This blog is intended to demystify how to achieve this.

Preloaded bookmarks are set through WorxWeb Mobile App policies using the following syntax.

Syntax: “<Folder Name or path>”,<Friendly Name>, <URL>

If you have multiple bookmarks to set, you have to enter the bookmarks in triplets as defined in the syntax above with each triplet separated by a comma.


1) “Search”,google,

The string above creates a folder named Search in the WorxWeb Bookmarks and a link is placed with a friendly name google.


(Edit: The visibility of this string is being trimmed by the blog, you may try to copy it to a text editor to view the complete string.)

The string above creates 3 folders in the WorxWeb bookmarks. With friendly names Google and Yahoo in the folder Search and with friendly names Gmail and YahooMail in the folder Mail and friendly name Facebook in the folder Social.

> Search

.           |- Google

.           |- Yahoo

> Mail

.           |- Gmail

.           |- YahooMail

> Social

.           |- Facebook

Below mentioned are few use-cases for preloaded bookmarks.

1) If you want to preload a bookmark in the bookmarks page itself rather than inside any folder:

Syntax: ,<Friendly Name>,<URL>

Example:      ,Citrix,

In this example the bookmark is placed in the WorxWeb bookmarks directly and a friendly name Citrix is given to it.

Note: The initial comma is mandatory.

2) Quotes are not mandatory:

Syntax: <Folder Name>,<Friendly Name>,<URL>    

Example: MyCorp Links,MDM logon,

In this case, bookmark is placed in the folder MyCorp Links, with the friendly name MDM logon.

3)   Placing the bookmark in a nested folder.

Syntax: <Folder Path>,<Friendly Name>,<URL>

Example: “MyCorp Links/MDM”,”MDM Logon”,

Folder named MDM is created within the folder Mycorp Links and bookmark is placed with the friendly name MDMLogon.

Note: Bookmarks also work without friendly name as long as they are triplets.

<Folder Name>,,<URL>


The following are few of the troubleshooting scenarios.

1)     If pre-loaded bookmarks are not being added after you make changes in the WorxWeb policies:

  • Kill WorxWeb.
  • Go to WorxHome and tap on WorxStore ( to refresh WorxStore policies)
  • Flip back to WorxHome.
  • Open WorxWeb from WorxHome.

2)      When inputting the pre-loaded bookmarks string into the text box, if you edit the string in a notepad and copy the same into the text box, Quotes (“”) are being formatted as different characters i.e. Left Double Quotation Mark (U+201C) and in Right Double Quotation mark (U+201D) by text editor instead of Neutral Quotation Mark (U+0022).

  • When this happens the friendly name is prefixed and suffixed with quotes ( incase you mention friendly name in quotes).
  • To avoid this, it is recommended to type the pre-loaded bookmarks string directly into the text box rather than copying and pasting.

Note:  Thank you for reading. This post is under review, kindly excuse grammatical errors and any feedback is welcome.