I think one of the most wonderful aspects of being a Citrite is that of learning, growing, and using our amazing products

Introduce: XenClient Enterprise and the topic of my first official Blog Entry.

The time period between training and setting up an internal environment of my own seemed to take forever, but it was worth the wait – then absorbing this exceptional blend of “The Administrators Single Tool” alongside a user’s “Work-Life Equipment Needs”.  The ease in setting up the Synchronizer, establishing any one of three types of VMs (PvD, Shared and Custom) blew me away.  I even entertained my eldest son’s wonderment as he watched me switch between Windows 8, Windows 7 and my own, local virtual machines.  He asked when I would setup our own XenClient solution at home…

All of this said, my support experience brought me exposure to solution integration with Xenserver, etc. That was key as avery simple support question would soon stump me:

“We use drive L: within our corporate, Windows network.  How can I change the default drive letters so I don’t cause a conflict for users with VMs deployed on their engines?”

It may be trivial, but as a Citrite, this moment many months ago was a perfect opportunity to learn: not just how to fix something for a client, but how to apply knowledge as to ensure the client receives the full benefit of all our hard work.

The little things, right?  I never once stopped to think in all of my “knowledge” that a network may have a particular drive letter already in use.  Yet, there was the question and the solution  can be found here: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139424/