As 2014 nears, many IT experts are publishing their predictions and trends for the new year. To add to the mix, we surveyed more than 700 customers around the globe to gather insights on current enterprise mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends and predictors for 2014.

Citrix Mobility Report 2013: A Look Ahead

Here’s what we found:

BYO Means More Than Smartphones and Tablets

While emphasis for BYO programs has been on tablets and smartphones, businesses are also increasingly having to support desktops and laptops. The survey found BYO desktops and laptops will grow to 25% in 2014. An influx of devices is flooding enterprises, and IT will have to secure corporate applications and data across a heterogeneous mix of devices and platforms.

Windows Apps Will Continue to Dominate  

Enterprise mobility and “mobile first” are hot topics. However, the survey found that mobile apps only comprise approximately 6% of all apps used.  Windows applications still dominate, accounting for 64% of all apps in 2013. While it’s slightly trending downwards with an estimated 54% in 2014, the majority of app types remains Windows-based. So while mobile is all the rage, Windows apps remain important, and IT still need to deliver these apps on a variety of devices in order for users to remain productive.

More Mobile App Proliferation & Confusion

For many businesses, the growth of mobile devices and applications is largely driven by employees’ desire to be more productive on the go. In 2014, the number of apps in use by organizations will increase. The survey found 42% of businesses expect to manage 100+ apps, with 21% of those respondents expecting to manage 1000+ apps.

App confusion will continue as IT struggles with answering key questions including:

  • Determining whether to wait until native mobile or cloud versions of commercial-off-the shelf apps are available
  • Deciding what platforms (iOS, Android, WinPhone, etc.) internally developed apps should support and in what order
  • Holding off further adoption of native mobile apps in favor of web or cloud based apps
  • Creating the appropriate organizational structure and processes to support the development and management of a heterogeneous application environment

The new year points to more BYOD challenges as the variety of devices and applications increase. As enterprises build out their mobility initiatives, secure access to work applications and data from mobile devices will be top-of-mind.

Despite the rocky road ahead, enterprises will continue to seek creative approaches to leverage mobility to grow the top line, improve customer relations, and drive higher levels of productivity and efficiency. IT must have a plan in place and adopt an enterprise mobility management solution that allows them to adapt to the dynamic changes in their BYOD environment.

Flexibility will be key! View the full report for more details on mobility trends in 2014.