Accelerate and simplify your sales cycle with the ShareFile app for Salesforce.

This app allows users to instantly access, update and share ShareFile documents and folders within Salesforce. This free app is available to all ShareFile users – regardless of which edition they use.

Imagine you are in a contract negotiation with your customer. You can use ShareFile for Salesforce to quickly and easily share contract documents, presentations, collateral and other content with all of the parties involved in the negotiation such as customers, third party vendors and your account team. Are you co-selling with a partner? No problem. With ShareFile for Salesforce, you can:

  • Create new folders
  • Upload and download files
  • Share files to any email address
  • Search files and folders
  • Edit file names and delete files
  • Add new folders or files to ShareFile and automatically make them accessible in Salesforce

ShareFile can be used with Salesforce in many scenarios to streamline your sales cycle and increase the velocity of your sales process. Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise, data sync and sharing solution that enables IT to deliver a secure and robust service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of all users. Support for large file sizes, a Built-in Mobile Editor and integration with Windows Explorer, Mac Finder and workflow tools such as Microsoft Outlook, provide an unmatched user experience.  Advanced security features including remote wipe, device lock, passcode lock, data encryption in transit and at rest and data expiration policies ensure that IT has complete control of enterprise data.

For more information in the ShareFile app for Salesforce, please read the ShareFile for Salesforce User Guide and the ShareFile for SalesForce Installation Guide. You can also download the app from the Salesforce AppExchange here. For more information on ShareFile, including a 30 day trial, please visit us on the web at