Predictions are like noses, everyone has them. At the end of the year, it’s fun to look back, but it’s also fine to think ahead and look to the next year as the old one closes down. Mobility moves fast, and where once in technology we would think out 3-5 years, today it’s enough just to get one year right. I posted some of my 2014 predictions for enterprise mobility here on Let me know what you think.

So how did we do on predictions for the previous year? Certainly one of the main areas predicted was for consolidation amongst MDM vendors. That has started in earnest with the latest, kicked off with the Zenprise acquisition in January by Citrix, and capped with Fiberlink bought by IBM last month. That acquisition makes a lot of sense as IBM moves towards its Smart Cloud initiative, and Fiberlink is all about the cloud. Literally. There will be other acquisitions too in the next year. Of course, some MDM vendors are hoping for IPOs, as reported here, with most of the biggest MDM players still private, but needing cash to expand offerings and continue the pace of development. Not all of these IPOs will be successful-certainly there is a race to be the first.

As for other predictions, I think many, myself included, expected that security and containerization would play a bigger role than it did in 2013. Containerization is used to separate and protect corporate data from personal, especially on phones that users bought themselves (BYOD). BYOPD is still happening, and I think that the adoption of containerization is still to come, really taking off in 2014. Until recently, there haven’t been many offerings out on the market–Citrix just released its latest bundle in June. Those that have been out have been expensive, or not well integrated into MDM. But containerization has been gaining steady traction and is the most popular version of our MDM tools today. Mainly because it is integrated into the overall EMM and security offering.

Well one easy prediction for 2014 is that the pace of change and innovation in enterprise mobility is not letting up. With the advent of wearables, Internet of Everything, the increased use of context, mobile commerce, location-based services–you name it. Next year will be another, great and interesting year.

Happy holidays in whatever you celebrate, and best of luck to you in the New Year.

Phil Redman is VP of Mobile Solutions & Strategy at Citrix and is very mobile.