By definition, a partnership is a two-way proposition, calling for comparable effort by both parties to benefit themselves, the other partner and their joint business activity. Recently, Citrix Partner News spotlighted Thomas Duryea Consulting (TD), a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor in Melbourne, Australia. TD is a textbook example of the “virtuous circle” of partnership, where one partner’s ongoing investment and proactive involvement are mirrored by the other partner, leading to the achievement of shared goals and a strong, trusted relationship.

How does TD fulfill its commitment to partnership excellence?

One important way is by staying ahead of the curve in technology. TD actively pursues staff training and certification and has taken advantage of the Platinum Partner training voucher entitlement this year. All of its Citrix architects hold the Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) for Virtualization credential, and all its Citrix engineers have earned the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE) for Virtualization designation, with extensive experience in XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler. In fact, two of the 31 Citrix Desktop Most Valuable Professionals, an exclusive group of highly skilled Citrix engineers across the APAC region (excluding Japan), are TD engineers.

Further, the company participates in Citrix Summit and Synergy events every year to learn about the latest Citrix solutions and technologies. However, TD does not simply propose new solutions to customers – its engineers first put them through their paces at its in-house facilities, including a demo showcase and a sandbox for testing and evaluation. This stringent process demonstrates TD’s technical proficiency to customers and assures them that the proposed solution has met its high standards for performance, reliability and scalability. To reinforce its firsthand knowledge, TD uses Citrix solutions to run its own business operations.

Leading joint engagements

Another way that TD contributes to the partnership is through joint planning, pipeline sharing and customer engagements with Citrix sales. Here again, the company takes a proactive stance by leading combined events, rather than deferring to Citrix. With a thorough knowledge of local markets and emerging trends, TD is ready to communicate its perspective and opinion on which technologies are ready for prime time and which are most appropriate for customers in different industry sectors.

Sharing a culture

Finally, the partnership has thrived and expanded because the two organizations share a focus on customer satisfaction and a “work hard, play hard” culture. This common viewpoint facilitates joint activities and enhances individual relationships.

Through this unusual combination of ongoing training, hands-on technology evaluation and experience, market knowledge and customer centricity, TD has found a successful path to partnership optimization. The results — a $50 million business, Platinum CSA status and multiple awards – speak for themselves.