Cisco has announced a new datacenter vision for enabling network infrastructure to become application aware. NetScaler plays a key role in providing application services.

On November 6, Citrix announced integration with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), which is Cisco’s new vision for next-generation network architecture. In revealing this new strategy, Cisco introduced plans for a complete, end-to-end solution encompassing datacenter automation as well as network virtualization. The Cisco ACI architecture spans the entire datacenter infrastructure including physical, virtual and software components, and NetScaler will play a crucial role in ADC functionality and load balancing.

NetScaler technology and Cisco solutions will work together to enable datacenter and cloud administrators to holistically control L2-L7 network services in a unified manner, bringing seamless ADC insertion and policy-driven automation of NetScaler services into next-generation datacenters built on ACI architectures.

With Cisco’s significant market share, this new development represents a major step in bringing not only Software Defined Networking but also application-driven datacenter automation to the mass market.

Cisco expects to deliver on this new vision in the July-August 2014 timeframe. For additional information, see our blog posting regarding the Cisco ACI announcement.

NOTE: No new products were announced from Citrix as part of this Cisco announcement. You should not change your Q4 sales strategy.

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