Learn about the key feature enhancements from the latest maintenance release of CloudPlatform 4.2.1, powered by Apache CloudStack.

Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, is a unified cloud management platform that combines the best cloud foundation for private enterprise workloads with the Amazon-style scale, elasticity and operational efficiency of cloud workloads.

The CloudPlatform 4.2.1 maintenance release includes bug fixes and several feature enhancements:

  • CloudPlatform now includes Citrix XenServer 64-bit system virtual machine templates.
  • VM snapshots are now supported on both VMware vSphere and XenServer hosts. Previously, they were only supported on VMware vSphere.
  • Several modifications have been made to improve the user experience when working with Cisco UCS blades and the Cisco UCS Manager.
  • CloudPlatform 4.2.1 supports both multi-part and single-part upload for registering templates, uploading volumes and backing up snapshots to object storage in secondary storage.
  • CloudPlatform Management Server is now certified on CentOS 6.4.
  • IP addresses can now be acquired and LB rules can be created without enabling the SourceNAT service in a network.

To get started, download CloudPlatform 4.2.1 and refer to the CloudPlatform 4.2.1 Release Notes to learn more. If you have any questions please reach out to Scott Lindars.

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