They say good things come to people who wait. It’s been a while since we released our Cloud Provider Pack and we are so excited to announce the availability of Cloud Provider Pack 2. Over the past 3 years, Citrix has helped thousands of our Service Providers dominate the Cloud hosted windows apps and desktops market. Thanks to our CSPs, hundreds of thousands of users get to enjoy working securely from any location and any device like a true Cloud hosted subscription service.

In the words of one of our CSPs, App Orchestration 2.0 is definitely a game changer! And any Service Provider who is looking at building a comprehensive multi-tenant, scalable and automated Daas platform can’t live without App Orchestration. Just like how you would not imagine building an Amazon or Azure style infrastructure cloud without using something like CloudStack, you can’t imagine building a DaaS cloud without App Orchestration. Here are some of the key highlights in the latest release and check out our DaaS page for more details on this technology.

  • In addition to XenApp 6.5, App Orchestration now deploys and manages apps and desktops from our latest XenDesktop 7.1 release
  • StoreFront orchestration and automation is now built in to help manage tenant app stores
  • We have a brand new first time installation and set up experience along with guided wizards throughout the console
  • Patching session machines with hotfixes or app updates is a cinch with automated workload versioning
  • We now support multi-tenant domain/forest and network configuration to support different tenant isolation and security requirements
  • Delegated administration will enable tenant administrators manage their own desktop and app offerings
  • Support for advanced configuration and a REST SDK to enable 3rd party integration with App Orchestration
  • And many more …

There is a Chinese saying that good things come in pairs. Along with App Orchestration 2.0, we are releasing a completely redesigned Hosted Apps and Desktops service for CloudPortal Services Manager. This service enables our CSPs to provide admin and end user self service and provisioning of Cloud hosted apps and desktops delivered through App Orchestration 2.0, XenDesktop 7.1 and XenApp 6.5.

We hope you are as excited as we are in adopting Cloud Provider Pack 2 technologies. Looking forward for a great 2014 for our Citrix Service Providers!”