“Briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chait.” – “Nature shines through the eyes of a cat” is an old Irish expression. Training could be viewed as a form of illumination. That’s certainly our goal at the Learning Labs at Citrix Summit in Orlando starting January 12th 2014. Summit is presenting instructor-led learning labs to illuminate many technical aspects of NetScaler and other Citrix products for our partners.

Perhaps you know that NetScaler can load balance traffic, protect your applications with Application Firewall, perform rewrites on your web traffic or send custom responses based on criteria of your choice? How about acting as a Layer 3 forwarder; receiving network routes from a router or even advertising routes to a router? There’s lots of networking features that illustrate that NetScaler is not just a load balancer but a veritable networking powerhouse.

That’s where the Citrix Summit learning lab ‘SUM604: Advanced Networking and Traffic Management using NetScaler 10.x’ comes in. In this blog I will give a better flavour of what the lab is about! I have been extremely busy over the last many weeks cooking up the lab topology, constructing the exercises and lab guide. I’d love to say its easy work but it is rewarding and fantastically enjoyable – I need more hours in every day!

So what do we have in this lab? For anyone who loves lists:

  • A NetScaler HA pair
  • Five routers
  • Six or more networks (and counting)
  • Three Apache web servers
  • Finally, one Windows 7 workstation!

Some of exercises cover:

  • Policy Based Routing
  • Inbound NAT
  • Link Load Balancing
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Network Profiles
  • HTTP Header Insertion
  • Apache logs

That’s just a taster. The goal is maximal lab time for exercises.

For anyone signed up already or thinking of signing up to the session, here are the prerequisites:

  • Intermediate knowledge of NetScaler
  • Familiarity with network routing protocols and concepts, for example OSPF routing – If you have Network+ or CCNA you are more than covered 🙂
  • Familiarity with Apache HTTPD web server and the HTTP protocol
  • Familiarity with Linux commands – for bonus points the vi editor

I can’t wait to present this lab at Summit and hook up with some very talented and enthusiastic folks from the Citrix Partner ecosystem.

I’d also recommend some work from my talented colleagues, ‘SUM605: Providing secure and flexible access to web applications using NetScaler 10.x’ and there’s a couple of self-paced ‘SUM620: WALK-IN Self-paced Learning Labs’ covering NetScaler AppExpert and NetScaler Gateway.

Until then, Nollaig Shona Daoibh.

Andrew Sandford aka NetScaler Tipster

Work Better. Live Better. Use NetScaler!