Chances are your digital stuff is stored in many different clouds. Your photos are in Dropbox, your soccer team potluck sign-up list is in Google Drive and your work files are in ShareFile.

We see this trend continuing as people increasingly want to choose the cloud services that they use. At Citrix, we don’t believe people want to store all of their stuff in one place.

So what if you want could have a single view or point of access to all of your content?  And what if you could edit that content – regardless of which cloud service it’s in – and be productive from anywhere?

That’s the direction we’re taking our product line at Citrix and why we are focused on creating a product and partner ecosystem that empowers customers with choice. Take our recent acquisition of Byte Squared, the developers of Office2, for example.

Office2 connects to all popular cloud storage services AND provides rich editing capabilities from your iPad. You can open, edit and save files stored in ShareFile, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, etc. So you can easily access documents and edit or create new documents whenever inspiration strikes.

Unlike other services, we don’t ask you to migrate or replicate your data to our cloud. Office2 simplifies your life, working with the cloud storage locations you already have in place. It’s no surprise that Office2 and its sister Byte Squared apps are gaining in popularity, hitting 10 million downloads today.  Haven’t yet checked out Office2, with updated presentation rendering and iOS 7 compatibility? Download it for free here.

Check Out Another Free App by Citrix – Podio

For project management and collaboration your way, Podio offers a new take on how everyday work gets done, allowing you to build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows so that you can easily manage projects and other business processes. Used by organizations like Cirque de Soleil, TED, Time Warner Cable, HootSuite and more. Get started here.