We all love things to be simple. Wouldn’t it be great if rolling out XenDesktop was as simple as customizing a smartphone?

However, the power of XenDestop and its flexibility to handle many use-cases drives the responsibility to perform a proper Assessment and Design before Deployment. You should change the design if you decide BYOD is less important than Security and while some of your users can be deployed on a Hosted Shared environment, others may need VDI and PVD. It is too easy to skip those important questions.

And that is where Project Accelerator with Customize My Design steps in. It builds on the best practices of Assess that has been there since December 2012 to add the ability to tweak, tailor and customize your XenDesktop architecture and sizing using any of 34 variables.

  • Have a Call Center that needs some personalization, no problem
  • Need to deliver some apps via a Shared XenApp server or AppV, done
  • Not sure the Claims Department will accept a Hosted Shared desktop, one click and its Assigned VDI
  • Want to play out the pros and cons of Remote PC versus Assigned VDI in your design, go ahead

I am sure you get the idea. Get started and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, please reach out to Yvonne Wright.

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