“Desktop virtualization is too expensive.”  “My PC doesn’t need to be refreshed.” Have you said this at some point, or even thought it? You know there are benefits of desktop virtualization, but you don’t know where to start. Well, the benefits of desktop virtualization can only be realized with the right solution.

Citrix XenDesktop continues to lead the market for good reason—it precisely meets customers’ needs. Only XenDesktop with FlexCast delivers apps and desktops for every use case, on any device, anywhere, at the right cost-per-user.

Partners, take a closer look. Citrix will help your customers  compare the cost of a traditional PC refresh with a virtual app and desktop deployment. Learn more about significant opportunities to save. The new Citrix Marketing Concierge campaign, “The falling cost of desktop virtualization. Calculate your savings now.”, will help you guide your customers and show them how to:

  • Innovate within their existing budget: mobilize a modern workforce and enable access from anywhere
  • Streamline IT: simplify app and desktop management
  • Maximize existing investment: re-purpose PCs and add low-cost thin clients

With resources like customizable email, landing page, and thank you page templates, Citrix customers success stories, suggested twitter copy blocks, the Citrix white paper, “Virtual Desktop Acquisition Cost Analysis”, and the all new PC Refresh Savings Calculator, and much more – you, as a Citrix partner are well armed to support your customers and guide them through the costly fears of refreshing their PC. Now, you can help your customers take advantage of the falling cost of desktop virtualization to achieve greater business agility and productivity.

Search for the campaign in Citrix Marketing Concierge with, “PC Refresh“.

In addition, you can use Citrix Marketing Concierge to set up your event, manage registrations, and track your metrics and leads.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Get started today!

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