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1   Introduction

After enrolling the device and navigating to the support page we see the error “Device not Connected”..

And while trying to download the Apps from the worxstore it gives a message as “Apps will be downloaded” but nothing happens.

This is mostly because of the key chain certificate missing on the mdm server.

2   MDM

1.Go the MDM server

2.Open MMC

3.Click on Add/Remove Snap-in

4.Select Certificates

5.Click on My User Account

6.Click on OK and you can view the certificate on the Right Side

7.Expand the Certificate — > personal  Certificates

8.Select the certificate you have used

9.Right click and select All Task->Export

10.This will start the SSL cert export process

11.Check the radio button “Yes,Export the Private Key”

12.Click on next and check the “Export all extended properties “

13.Specify the password which you have provided during generating the root certificate

14.Export the file on the local desktop

15.Save as Full Chain Certificate

16.Click on Finish

17.You see the following message and click on OK

18.Import the certificate in the server

19.This will trigger the cert to be installed on your system

20.Click on Next

21.Type in the password that was used to generate the cert and make sure you select “Mark this Key as Exportable”

22.Click on Next

23.Click on finish

24.Sign Off worxhome and then Sign On again.

25.Go to support page and you should be able to see “Device Connected” message.

26.Download of Application from worxstore will work fine