In 2013, Citrix customers carried more video traffic over their networks – and through ByteMobile network elements – than in any previous year. In fact, the volume of video traversing today’s mobile communications networks is now measured in Exabytes per month and, according to Cisco and Ericsson, is growing at more than 60% annually.

At Citrix, we believe this video growth entails equal parts threat and opportunity for our communications service provider customers – and that addressing that threat and making the most of that opportunity requires holistic understanding that spans multiple domains from content to aggregation to network to viewing device to subscriber.

Through the acquisition of Bytemobile in July 2012, Citrix entered the mobile network operator market and gained the world’s largest installed base of video optimization and traffic management deployments – including some of the largest tier-one communications service providers. The Citrix ByteMobile solution is enhancing the experience of these service provider’s mobile data subscribers and enabling them to deliver high quality streaming video, internet radio, web browsing and mobile apps while ensuring optimum utilization of network resources.

Four years ago, our first mobile operator customers were simply trying to keep video traffic from overwhelming their networks. Today, the proactive management of video quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) is becoming common on mobile networks — using industry-first techniques such as user experience indexing. However, less than 5% of the world’s video traffic traverses those mobile networks. Addressing QoE for the other 95% requires sophistication in monitoring, measuring and managing the delivery of those videos over the content delivery networks (CDN) that deliver video content to most of the world’s communications service providers, be they mobile or fixed.

Today, I’m happy to share that Citrix has acquired Skytide, a privately-held company that enables service providers to measure and monitor streaming video as a critical part of their CDN video delivery infrastructure. The holistic understanding Skytide delivers – and the insight that flows from it – is what enables the service providers as well as the businesses in each of these domains to strike the appropriate balance between the cost of delivery, the quality of the experience and the revenue implications for the stakeholders.

The acquisition of Skytide builds on our current service provider business, extending our reach beyond mobile and into the CDN, thereby benefitting communications service providers of all varieties. We’re excited to welcome to our team a talented group of innovators who excel in analytics software design; and who share our commitment to customer excellence and passion for defining the leading edge of video delivery.

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2014 in the mobile video space.

Chris Koopmans
VP and GM, Service Provider Platforms