On November 25th, Epic released its latest target platform summary which now includes Citrix XenDesktop 5.6. This culminates thorough testing for compatibility and effective performance with Hyperspace 2014.

XenDesktop provides for enhanced healthcare application and patient data access and improved physician productivity. As a result, clinicians can provide optimum patient care through efficient access to health records and spending more time with their patients.

This target platform addition extends the Citrix product capabilities with Epic. Citrix XenApp has been part of the Target Platform for over 8 years and is in use by over 1 million clinicians on a daily basis. Citrix XenApp’s wide acceptance in the healthcare marketplace has made it the #1 method for Hyperspace access.

Customers can now confidently expand their use of Citrix products to include XenDesktop 5.6. They will now have the flexibility to offer virtual desktop delivery (VDI) and apps on demand to their clinicians.  Hospital IT departments will see improved operational efficiency and lowered costs through Citrix centralized management.

For more information, access Epic UserWeb  where the latest target platform information resides.