How useful to you is a utility that lets you take your current desktop and convert it to a virtual desktop … while enabling that personal virtual desktop to be based on a shared master image?  As many of you are aware, Personal vDisk machines allow a user to modify their desktop as if it was their own personal desktop.  All the while the administrator is able to manage all these different personal desktops via a single master image.

But to get a user to adopt such a desktop, how does the admin get the user’s current desktop into those virtual desktops?  Ask the user to redo everything?  Well, better to just give the user a utility to run on that current desktop.  And then once logged in to their virtual desktops, run it once more to get all their data back.

The result will be all the apps and data customized on the user’s physical desktop will be brought over to that virtual desktop.  BUT not the common OS related files.  ONLY the data unique to that user … aka the apps and data the user added to their Win7 desktop.

Below is a link to a migration utility that is the basis of a concept we’ve been toying with here on the Personal vDisk team.  Download it and give it a test.  Let us know how well it worked for you … anything get missed when converting?  Let us know how useful such a tool would be for you in day to day operations as well as for migration in general.  It is a concept utility meant only for beta testing so please do not use it without first backing up the system or on a system that is disposable (granted the conversion process is nondestructive, but better safe than sorry).

This utility is just a prototype around the concept of taking a user’s physical Win7 SP1 desktops (this only works for Win7 SP1) and grabbing just the user’s ‘stuff’ and then placing that ‘stuff’ into a PvD enabled desktop in XenDesktop.  Also in the download are an overview guide and a PPT that covers the basic concepts and mechanics.  Any and all feedback on this prototype is needed – both technical feedback and business applicability.

Download: — (it will ask for you name and email info)

Package contents:

– 2 x MSI files (x86 and x64)

– P2PvD Concept Overview presentation

– P2PvD User Guide 2 document

MD5 Checksum: 5ed430473ef1f76508cfcddda46c1428